The awakening of the Puma


Symbolically, I’ll refer to the awakenig of the puma, as a countles number of successive astronomical manifestations in temples, wakas and power places, all along the Andes, Many of these solar and stellar manifestations are taking place now. the invaders  ignorance concerning our ancestors´s solar science, shown clearly by the systematic destruction of temples and wakas, received full support of the church. Fortunately. This destructive process did not annihilate averything. There is still strong evidence of our culture, and it is in those sacred places, with pachamama´s  love and wiracocha ‘s light, that men and women of the new era will participate in the slow but inexorable Awakening  of a solar  consciousness.

climate of Machu Picchu Cusco

According to the meteorological observations recorded by the Meteorological center of Machu Picchu between 1965 and 1975, the annual temperature of Machu Picchu has two marked periods:
1.- the cold months, based on the winter solstice during June, July and August, registered a minimum temperature of 1.2.celsius (34.16 f).
2. – the warn months of rainy season registered a maximum temperature of 21.6 celsius (70.88 F). Rainfall records also show periods: the rainy season, which occurs in the summer from December to March, reaches 2,000 mm. the dry season, which is in the remaining months, reaches only 33.8 mm. per month.

Cheap Hotel in Cusco

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Very good hotel in Cusco City


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Kunturqaqa Cusco Peru


Kunturqaqa is no population, not a special group of platforms, it is simply a large rocky promontory projecting Watanay closing the valley. It is located west of the old town of Pikillacta of the city of Cusco, on the left bank of the river Watanay. Its name translates as “Rock of the Condors” and is so named because the shape of the rock is shaped like the head of a condor. But, what is the true significance of this place? The Victor Angles explains: “The place has historical content, there, on the side that falls almost vertical, the Inca sent Wiraqocha paint two condors, one in submissive attitude with wings folded in the process of fleeing the Cusco, the other belligerent attitude as moving toward Cusco, the first symbolizes Yahuar Huaca who left Cusco and took refuge in Choquepucjio, the second to that of Chitapampa Wiracocha became sullen and restated the city of Cusco to defend the chanca danger and got it. “