Flowers of Cusco and the Sacred Valley


We owe to the combination of the beauty of the mysterious energy that constantly flows from the ruined remains of the work of those who once here, plunged his hands into the earth or in any of the hundreds of lakes that lie at the foot of the glaciers, have been falling time and the various paths up and down, we led light through the rough forms of the high mountains. Among these giants, over there are three that overcome the barrier of the five thousand meters; height at which on average is recorded at 0 °C. Eight meters lower than the limit crop, temperature bordering 6 °C, while in the valley lying between the folds exceeds 14 °C. however, the peculiar characteristics of this changing geography and their meteorological agents, many species of plants grow each in places that despite stand at altitudes corresponding to cold areas unsuitable for development, small and thrive in sheltered areas that make coloring a wide range of micro climatic niches, among which usually bloom in various shades coloring the landscape of the rainy season and solacing the spirit of those who travel these parts.

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