Kunturqaqa Cusco Peru


Kunturqaqa is no population, not a special group of platforms, it is simply a large rocky promontory projecting Watanay closing the valley. It is located west of the old town of Pikillacta of the city of Cusco, on the left bank of the river Watanay. Its name translates as “Rock of the Condors” and is so named because the shape of the rock is shaped like the head of a condor. But, what is the true significance of this place? The Victor Angles explains: “The place has historical content, there, on the side that falls almost vertical, the Inca sent Wiraqocha paint two condors, one in submissive attitude with wings folded in the process of fleeing the Cusco, the other belligerent attitude as moving toward Cusco, the first symbolizes Yahuar Huaca who left Cusco and took refuge in Choquepucjio, the second to that of Chitapampa Wiracocha became sullen and restated the city of Cusco to defend the chanca danger and got it. “