Haukaypata the main square of Cusco


Cusco did not fall into Spanish hands without a fight, and was heroically defended by one of the generals of Atahualpa. After the fall of the city, the Spaniards won backing armed son of Huayna Capac, who after the death of his older brothers Huascar and Atahualpa, became the most important person of the Empire. Shortly after his triumphant entry on November 15, 1533, the Spaniards crowned Manco and Manco Inka in a formal ceremony at the Haukaypata with all the pomp and traditions of the empire, acompañda of libations and much drinking. To underline their dominance over the Incas, the Spanish Pizarro proclaimed the founding of Cusco 23 March 1534 in the midst of the main square. Later, Haukaypata was known with its Spanish name “space weapon” where the coats of arms were displayed.

The awakening of the Puma


Symbolically, I’ll refer to the awakenig of the puma, as a countles number of successive astronomical manifestations in temples, wakas and power places, all along the Andes, Many of these solar and stellar manifestations are taking place now. the invaders  ignorance concerning our ancestors´s solar science, shown clearly by the systematic destruction of temples and wakas, received full support of the church. Fortunately. This destructive process did not annihilate averything. There is still strong evidence of our culture, and it is in those sacred places, with pachamama´s  love and wiracocha ‘s light, that men and women of the new era will participate in the slow but inexorable Awakening  of a solar  consciousness.

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